Like many other Trusts, we receive many more applications than we can fund.  The Trust will only support charities or non-profit making organisations with a focus on sport.

Please send or email a letter, no more than two sides of A4, telling us the following details:-

      The name of your organisation - what you do and who your beneficiaries are;

      Funding - why you need funding, details of the project and approximate funding requirements.

All letters are studied by the Administrator and at least one Trustee who determine the outcome of your proposal. Please be aware it may take up to 2 months to get back to you with the outcome, which will be one of the following:-

Your application is unsuccessful.
 Unfortunately, the Trust receives many more requests for funding than we are able to support, and we regret that we have to turn down many good proposals even though they meet our criteria. We are sorry but it is therefore not feasible to give feedback as to why a proposal was unsuccessful.
Your application was successful, and you will receive a small award, of up to £500.      
Your proposal will be discussed at the following Trustee meeting, and a meeting arranged to find out more about your organisation, with a view to a larger grant being awarded.
 Please note, even if your proposal goes before the Trustees, there is no guarantee of success.

Applications should be emailed to or sent to:

Boost Charitable Trust
5 St Bride Street